This Short Animation Really Helped Me Understand The Basics Of Metastatic Breast Cancer


TESTING NOT GUESSING - We incorporate the lastest science in our programs


URHealthzone is a complete source for your wellness.  Our expertise in training includes special populations with a specific emphasis in handling cancer patients in all stages of recovery and treatment, seniors, teens, adolescence, and weight management.   URhealtzone offers a complete assessment package covering body composition, resting metabolic rates, DNA nutritional analysis,  flexibility, and strength. It's all about you.  

For companies and organizations, small or large, we can organize a complete health fair, including CPR and first aid training.

As a complement to our wellness and training packages, we offer a complete source of nutritional supplements from the Nutrilite® line of products. Including a customized supplement selector based on your lifestyle and health related needs.

Check with your healthcare provider or physician before beginning any exercise program or any new nutritional program.

Weight Management Program -  Testing not Guessing

Let us help you take the guess work out of weight management.  With our three part assessment, we use science to help you reach your goals. Step one - Measure your Resting Metabolic Rate

Step two - DNA testing for correct nurtirition and exercise plan

Step three- Heart RAte Monitoring while working out to be sure your exercising at the right level.

Add our expertice and motivation - You achieve your goals.


Now available through our affiliate - Inherent Health - affordable line of Genetic Tests. - Weight Management - Heart Health - Nutritional Needs - Bone Health.  Tests examine your DNA to give personalized recommendations for a healthier you.   Contact us for more information.

Now Through June 30th - received tne DNA testing and your first weight management products for just $250.00 - (a $399.00 value)  Join a 5 member challenge team and win other prizes - challenge runs from July 1 - September 30



  Now Available - Pilates Reformer Training And TRX/Suspension Training


We are proud to announce the addition of Pilates Reformer training and suspension training to our company. The Pilates Reformer is probably the most recognized and most widely used piece of equipment in the industry. The progressive resistance of the spring system, and the progression of exercises results in a total body workout including strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Exercises include stabilization of the shoulders and pelvic region. Suspension training is CORE ALL THE TIME. Time effecient, fun and versital, inside or outside. Please feel free to contact us for more information and availability.


History of Pilates

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88 yearl old Yoga Instructor shares her secrets:


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