Exciting News For Some Cancer Patients

Duke University's study of using a modified polio virus to fight glioblastoma brain tumors is continuing.  I first heard this last year, and just recently heard a follow up story.  This is very promising.  My hope is that this may lead to many more possibilities.  Check out these stories regarding this promising treatment.




What are MCT Oils - check our Supplement page for details and full article 



This Short Animation Really Helped Me Understand The Basics Of Metastatic Breast Cancer


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URHealthzone is a complete source for your wellness.  Our expertise in training includes special populations with a specific emphasis in handling cancer patients in all stages of recovery and treatment, seniors, teens, adolescence, and weight management.   URhealtzone offers a complete assessment package covering body composition, resting metabolic rates, DNA nutritional analysis,  flexibility, and strength. It's all about you.  

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Check with your healthcare provider or physician before beginning any exercise program or any new nutritional program.

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Let us help you take the guess work out of weight management.  With our three part assessment, we use science to help you reach your goals. Step one - Measure your Resting Metabolic Rate

Step two - DNA testing for correct nurtirition and exercise plan

Step three- Heart RAte Monitoring while working out to be sure your exercising at the right level.

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History of Pilates

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check out this link and get a short anatomy lesson 


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